Helping disabled people live more independent lives

3rd November 2020

“Thanks for everything that you have done for me, you won’t understand just how important it was.” These are the closing words written to Jack Rae, Chairman of Carlisle and District REMAP from a tetraplegic gentleman who was helped by the charity before his passing. As a result of the gentleman’s personal willpower and the work undertook by Carlisle and District REMAP he managed to enjoy a quality of life beyond which might normally be expected of a person in his position.

Remap is a charity that helps disabled people of all ages to live more independent lives. Its network of skilled volunteers design and custom-make equipment free of charge to enable people to take part in meaningful activities.

A grant from the Cumbria Industries Amenities Fund and the Roselands Trust for £1,536  reduced isolation, improved the quality of life and increased independence for 65 disabled people by providing solutions to everyday problems when there is nothing commercially available.

Jack said: “The grant supported and helped to develop our work in Cumbria. Last year, our team of seven highly skilled volunteers gave around 2,000 hours of their time to help transform the lives of disabled people. Some of our projects cost very little and others a great deal – the average cost last year was £42 per client.

Of the 65 people supported as a result of this grant, the vast majority required design and manufacture of bespoke devices, with some only needing advice on where to obtain equipment.

Keswick ReminderTwo clients, both recovering from a stroke, wanted to play the guitar again but due to reduced arm movement considered themselves incapable. They asked REMAP volunteers if they could manufacturer a device to act as an aid.

“We researched and identified techniques specific to their condition which permits a method of playing using only one hand. This information was passed to the clients who upon later enquiry reported slow but positive progress,” said Jack.

The devices REMAP provide range from simple equipment such as velcro straps to complex mechanical or electrical systems. In all cases the equipment is provided free of charge and becomes the property of the client and in some cases is donated forward to others in the future.