Apply For A Grant

Our funds have been created by our donors and each have their own criteria or area of interest. Most support locally based community and voluntary groups and a number of funds also support individuals.

The application form is the same for most of our funds. We will decide which fund best fits your application.

Most of our grants panels meet every 10 weeks. Please make sure you submit your paperwork well in advance, and at least three months before your project start date, as we are unable to fund activities which have already started. Check the application deadline dates prior to submitting your application.

Please make sure you read each of the fund guidelines carefully and review whether you are eligible before applying and take a look at our FAQs if you have an queries.

If you want to apply to a particular fund it is important that you read the criteria on the Fund pages very carefully before applying to make sure you are eligible.

Group Application Forms

Individual Application Forms