Membership is a great way to regularly support the work of Cumbria Community Foundation in general and to have input into the operation of the foundation. Our members are important to us as they are the very foundations of our organisation, they link us to our communities and they elect our board of trustees. Members enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that they are directly supporting the efforts of the foundation and are therefore helping Cumbrian communities and receive regular updates on the work of the foundation.

The income from foundation membership is used to support our core operational costs, thereby enabling donations to be used more effectively and in a more focused manner. Membership fees also support our ability to identify and prioritise the need within the county and to attract new funds to the foundation.

An important part of the Foundation’s role is to contribute to debates and policy development in the fields of philanthropy, social action and other areas where we have expertise and knowledge gained from our work.

The following types of membership are available:

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Your membership is very important to us and it is worthy of media attention. To help you with this we have a members media kit to help you here.