Transforming West Cumbria

Transforming West Cumbria (TWC) is promising to “laser focus” on the causes of inequality in the area’s most vulnerable communities. Sellafield Ltd and the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) has invested £2.2m to help west Cumbria’s most vulnerable. The investment programme will take on west Cumbria’s most entrenched social and economic problems.

It aims to put local people in charge of their own futures by empowering neighbourhoods to create transformational change. The programme will run for an initial three-year period from 2020. It is the first investment to be announced under Sellafield Ltd’s newly-branded social impact programme, Social Impact Multiplied (Six.)

A series of tailored plans sit under TWC banner, all designed to address specific areas of need. They will focus on family wellbeing, financial education, community activism, and inspiring young people.

Among the initiatives are:

  • a £1.3m fund for community and voluntary groups
  • £660,000 to support families
  • £175,000 to fund financial education
  • schemes to nurture young entrepreneurs
  • and a drive to make community activism the norm for young people

The programme has been developed to address issues identified in CCF’s West Cumbria: Opportunities and Challenges report.

Gary McKeating, Sellafield Ltd’s head of community and development, said:

“I believe Transforming West Cumbria can create profound and long-lasting change in our community. It will laser focus on the causes of inequality and confront the issues holding back our most vulnerable, Research tells us people from poorer backgrounds are not lacking in ambition. What’s missing is the knowledge, skills, and characteristics required to achieve those ambitions. Transforming West Cumbria is a package of tailored support to address this.

“It’s not about telling people what’s best for them. It’s about giving communities the tools to be independent, self-reliant, and successful in the long-term.”

Andy Beeforth, chief executive officer of Cumbria Community Foundation, said:

“We have a long-standing relationship with Sellafield Ltd and we are proud to be a partner on this programme. Community and voluntary organisations play a crucial role in helping us understand the needs of our local people and Transforming West Cumbria will enable this understanding to be used to tackle some key challenges in our area.

“The programme will significantly invest in community projects that build the capabilities and financial sustainability of critical organisations, inspire and encourage new and existing social entrepreneurs and help children, young people and families to thrive by building resilience and self-efficacy. We are looking to fund more innovative and diverse projects that offer unique alternatives and innovative solutions to improve the health and wellbeing of local people and reduce inequalities. By working together and focusing our efforts, we will help create thriving communities and a better future for West Cumbria.”

Projects within the Transforming West Cumbria programme include:



Family Wellbeing

Financial Wellbeing


Positive Enterprise

West Cumbria Mental Health Partnership