Individual & Families

Creating a grant making fund is a great way for individuals and families to support the causes that they care about most.

We all have our own special interests and a strong sense of what kind of world we want to live in.

Here at Cumbria Community Foundation, we help you match your charitable investments to the issues that are close to your heart.

Talk to us about what you care about and we’ll match you with a fund in need of financial help.

If you are able to donate a larger sum, we can help you create your own grant making fund in a name of your choosing and supports the communities and issues you most care about.

If fundholders wish, they can decide which groups and projects are supported by their fund. We operate two different types of fund: long term capital funds and flow through funds.

Endowment Funds
Endowment funds are invested and the income which they generate is used to make grants. These funds are extremely valuable in that they generate income for grant making in perpetuity.

Flow Through Funds
Flow through funds are normally spent within the year they are donated. Donors creating flow through funds normally want to see maximum impact in the short term. As with all our funds, donors can decide the purpose and geographical area of interest.

Cost Contribution
Grant making fees for long term capital funds are normally 1% of the value of the fund annually with an initial set up fee of £750.

Grant making fees for flow through funds are normally in the region of 10% of grant spend or a minimum of £1,000 annually.

To discuss how you or your family could give through us, contact Andy Beeforth, Chief Executive on 01900 825760 or email

For more information please see our Guide For Giving.

You can also give to the Foundation through our membership scheme. Membership is a great way to regularly support our work in general and to have an input into the operation of the foundation.

Members have voting rights at our Annual General Meeting and receive regular information about our work. Members may also stand and vote in elections to the Board. To apply, click here.