Professional Advisers

As a professional adviser you will have clients who care about and want to give something back to their community but may not know where to start. They are probably already supporting a number of different charities but may have reached the point of wanting to take a more strategic approach or to consider charities and activities closer to home.

Cumbria Community Foundation has a track-record of working closely with professional advisers, such as solicitors, accountants and financial advisers, who represent their clients in matters relating to tax-effective charitable giving. We provide a range of options for clients wishing to offer a gift, whether it be in the form of capital income, land, shares or legacies.

Read our Professional Advisers Guide to find out more.

Giving Made Easy
From the client who wants to make an immediate philanthropic impact, to the couple hoping to leave a legacy, to the family who want to establish a memorial fund in honour of a loved one, we can help you find the best solution.

We are part of the national and international community foundation movement and offer the expertise to help your clients fulfil their philanthropic ambitions.

For Your Clients
The following services can be offered to your clients, and can be tailor-made to ensure that the wishes of your client remain paramount. We would be delighted to meet with you and your client to discuss the appropriate solution.

  • By establishing a named, endowed fund, your client’s gift will last forever and can commemorate a friend or relative.
  • A non-bureaucratic process to establish a fund – it is easy and quick, with no legal procedures to go through.
  • Our administration charges are low – on a sliding scale between 1% – 10% per annum depending upon the size of the fund.
  • Professional management of our investments with a long-term approach designed to out-perform defined benchmarks.
  • As a charity we can reclaim Gift Aid and gifts to us are exempt from inheritance tax.
  • Leaving a legacy to local charities can be risky as they are often smaller and younger than national ones. They may not be perceived as being permanent, and therefore people wonder if they will be in existence in future years when a legacy takes effect. But they are just as invaluable to local communities and if your client would like to leave a bequest with us and instruction on how this may be used then we can manage this.
  • A guarantee that your client’s gift will be used in accordance with their wishes. We support projects that are charitable, educational or benevolent in nature. We use our proven expertise in grant assessment and our in-depth knowledge of local needs to help clients develop criteria and fund projects through making grants. Clients can choose which projects they fund, or leave the decision to the Foundation. They may wish their involvement to change over time and their wishes can be accommodated. Our expertise is rooted locally in Cumbria but we are also able to fulfil any commitments that your clients may have with charities elsewhere in the UK or internationally.
  • Your client will receive an annual fund statement detailing all income and grants awards. We also provide regular updates on the work of Cumbria Community Foundation and our grant making programmes.
  • Your clients can receive recognition for their work through the Foundation or can remain anonymous. We can arrange for your clients to visit projects that they have funded.
  • We can arrange for your clients to visit projects that they have funded.

Rest assured in the knowledge that the Foundation will provide your client with a comprehensive grant making service and complete transparency over the spend of their fund. For further information contact Andy Beeforth, Chief Executive on 01900 825760 or email

For more information please see our Guide For Giving.