Together for Good

Together For Good is a platform designed to connect charitable and non-profit organisations with businesses and volunteers in West Cumbria.

Sellafield Ltd and its suppliers are committed to building more resilient and thriving communities and this platform will help to maximise the use of volunteers and enable businesses to monitor their impact. If you are a business not linked to Sellafield, you can still have an account, it is not restricted. The only restriction is where the volunteering opportunities are.

This new initiative uses the virtual platform to broker opportunities from business and individuals to charitable and non-profit organisations who play an essential role in the local community.

Whether you are a business wanting to offer support or a charitable group wanting to request support, you must first register by signing up here.

Once registered, you can use Together For Good to promote and view requests for support and strengthen the range of vital services non-profit organisations deliver in communities.

To find out more about Together For Good, click here:

There is also an app for volunteers to have a seamless experience.