Season of goodwill

Author: David Beeby - 19th December 2019

December is the season of good will and what better month to pay tribute to the many examples of good will across Cumbria. We connect people who care with causes that matter and we couldn’t do this without your support which enables groups across Cumbria to help improve the lives of others. Rotarians in Cumbria … Continue reading “Season of goodwill”


Phoenix Role Models

Author: Rebecca Delin - 24th September 2019

When W.C. Fields said the now very famous quote: “Never work with children or animals” he was referring to child and animal actors as they would steal the scene. Well they certainly did when I recently visited the Phoenix Youth Project! I’ve been working at Cumbria Community Foundation as a Media & Content Officer for … Continue reading “Phoenix Role Models”


The final day. Caldbeck to Carlisle

David Beeby – 19th September 2019 As we set off on our journey, the first person we met was the local post lady. Talking to her reminded me of the important social role they can play in the community. She clearly adds important on the ground intelligence to the work of the local agents of … Continue reading “The final day. Caldbeck to Carlisle”


Walking into isolation while learning of invaluable services

David Beeby – 18th September 2019 We started the day in Keswick at Citizens Advice where we met Mandy Beinder. She is a great advocate for the importance of their work and the key role of volunteers. What they offer is an absolutely vital service to the community, providing quality advice across many topics with … Continue reading “Walking into isolation while learning of invaluable services”


Inspirational people who spend their lives caring for others

David Beeby – 16th September Today we walked up the beautiful Borrowdale valley through mixed woodlands, delighted by a red squirrel sighting and birdsong. The route took us down the valley and then along the western shore of Derwent Water. Whilst in the valley I happened to meet the chair of the Borrowdale story. They … Continue reading “Inspirational people who spend their lives caring for others”


Meeting resilient rural communities

David Beeby – 15th September 2019 Today we walked out of the Langdale valley, over Stake pass and down in to Borrowdale. Our first serious ascent. What it really brought home is the challenge of connectivity in our county. A walk of a relatively few miles and yet the valleys could be in different countries. … Continue reading “Meeting resilient rural communities”


Sights, smells and sounds of our great county

David Beeby – 14th September 2019 One of the beauties of walking through Cumbria is the fact that you have the time to appreciate the sights, smells and sounds of our great county. We also have to time to stop and chat and learn. Before setting off from Coniston, we had a lovely chat with … Continue reading “Sights, smells and sounds of our great county”


Sun, swimming and a night in Coniston

David Beeby – 13th September 2019 Day two is dry and warm day all day – a pleasant surprise! Getting back on to the route, we came across a van putting up ultra high speed fibre wires. In my view this is THE most important infra structure project in our county. Delighted to see this … Continue reading “Sun, swimming and a night in Coniston”


We’re on our way!

David Beeby – 12th September 2019 Started off wet and got wetter and windier as the day went on!! Well, we are in Cumbria. As the saying goes – there is no such thing as bad weather only bad clothing! Lovely starting in Ulverston. Unfortunately, there was no time to visit the Laurel and Hardy … Continue reading “We’re on our way!”