Cumbria’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Author: Glenys Marriott 05.05.20

Not only am I living through the COVID lockdown, but I run a small charity supporting  people with brain injury, so see first hand the challenges people are facing.

I’ve been actively involved as the Foundation’s representative on the South Lakeland Community Resilience Group. We meet weekly by telephone, led by the county council, with South Lakeland Council, the Police, public health, charities, the NHS and the integrated Care Groups. The group helps identify the local response to the impact of  COVID on our lives, and share what is happening across Cumbria.

In addition I’ve been a member of the Foundation’s COVID19 Fund Grant Committee, meeting weekly to consider applications for grants from community groups and charities to help feed and care for their local residents.

We have received inspiring applications, showing how Civil Society involves all of us. We’ve seen over 90 groups emerge just in south Lakeland, acting not for profit but out of love and concern for their neighbours.

Groups have organised through informal friendship networks, Facebook groups, community food banks, bringing together charities, faith groups and hundreds of volunteers.

So far grants of over £719,000 have been given to help families in poverty, those in temporary accommodation, women affected by domestic violence and isolated and vulnerable young people.

I’ve seen the way local charities and volunteers have worked together to support our most vulnerable people during this pandemic and their needs will continue for some months.

I’ve been proud to support these groups and if you can help us by donating to help these helpers your donation will be well spent.”

Glenys Marriott, Trustee – Cumbria Community Foundation.