How to Leave a Legacy

If you want to make sure that after your death your estate goes exactly where you want, then you should make a will.  We recommend you seek advice from a solicitor if you are interested in leaving a legacy in your will.

There are a range of options for giving through your will:

• You can support the work of the Community Foundation generally by specifying that you would like to make a specific gift to Cumbria Community Foundation (registered  charity no 1075120) in your will.

• You can support a themed or geographical fund.  This allows you to support one of  our existing funds.  To find out more click here.

• You can create a fund with a legacy gift.  To ensure your wishes are properly described and understood we recommend that a fund agreement be written to describe how the fund will work. This is a simple and short process.  To find out more about setting up a fund click here.

Types of gift

• You can leave money, shares or property.

• You can give the net balance after other obligations have been met.

• You could arrange for your gift to come to the Foundation only after the lifetime of someone such as your spouse.

However you choose to make your legacy, we will ensure that your money reaches the most deserving causes.

If you’re interested in leaving a gift through your will please call us 01900 825760.

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