Our Place Youth Club – Ambleside

29th April 2015

Our Place Youth Club in Ambleside received £2,000 from the Evening Hill Grassroots Fund and Foundation Grants towards running costs.

The club offered a group of quiet and unsure girls the opportunity to take part in music and dance film project.

Catherine Powloski, Youth Leader said: “Your money ensures young people have somewhere to go in a rural community. The girls have benefited from dance training and in turn this has led to higher level of self esteem and confidence. It was great to see them grow and blossom.”

As well as offering social activities for young people, Our Place Youth Club also gives people volunteering opportunities in a youth work setting which often assists with their further education/Duke of Edinburgh/employment.

Watch the girls in action in their dance/music video. 

To find out more about funding from Cumbria Community Foundation take a look at our grants page, call 01900 825760 or contact enquiries@cumbriafoundation.org