Local swimming pool re-opens after floods

11th December 2017

A local swimming pool and camp site has re-opened its doors after suffering extensive damage in the 2015 floods.

The volunteer-led Lazonby and District Swimming Pool received £5,393 from the Cumbria Flood Recovery Fund to make essential repairs to the pool, camp site and play area, including replacing the damaged electrics, main fuse box and pool machinery, and repairing fencing.

The facility provides a sociable place for people of all ages to use, and is a vital community hub throughout the summer season for local residents.

The pool is used by the people of four local parishes in an area where there are few alternative amenities, and local schools rely on its availability for daily swimming lessons, at a more affordable cost to them than using the larger leisure centres.

The funding meant the pool and camp site could re-open for the 2016 season. New activities at the pool included a series of six 2-hour water based activity sessions – water ball games, raft and bridge building, and a ‘Swim Eden’ Challenge set up with the other 3 outdoor swimming pools in Eden.

Kitty-Mae, 6, from Carlisle was delighted the pool had re-opened. She took part in the bridge building session in August 2016 with her mum and brother.  Kitty-Mae’s mum said: “We’d seen the session advertised at the pool after staying on the camp site and visiting the pool a few weeks before. Kitty-Mae was one of only a few who successfully walked across the bridge, without falling in. We had a brilliant time and are proud and delighted to have taken part!”

Jill Eastham, Chairperson of the group, said: “Without the funding the swimming pool and camp site would not have re-opened. This would have been a huge loss to the community as the pool is used for a variety of activities throughout the season by both locals, visitors from other areas of Cumbria and tourists to the area.

“The ‘Swim Eden’ Challenge attracted visitors from all over the country. We know how popular our facilities are every season, and having a pool, neighbouring camp site and community play area provides an ideal environment for family visits in particular.”