Sue Howorth

Sue Howorth is seen as a gamechanger and visionary for both global business and family business support in Cumbria, Yorkshire, Lancashire and beyond. Sue is owner director of The Family Business Network Ltd and Collaborate Telemarketing. She has a wealth of experience supporting a variety of businesses across a range of sectors, from manufacturing to media and is recognised for her business acumen and insight.

Moving to Cumbria over ten years ago Sue established herself as a go-to point at the YMCA Lakeside before starting her own telemarketing business in 2011 and launching her support network for family businesses in 2014, initially funded through the Cumbria Growth Hub but then evolved, through Sue, into its own company in 2016.

The Family Business Network Ltd allows Sue to do what she does best, support people through their own family business journeys and connect them with insight and learning along the way.