James & Eve Johnson, Johnson Fund

At Cumbria Community Foundation, we use our knowledge of the local area and our grant-making expertise to help individuals, families or companies set up their own named fund to support the most deserving local projects and people.

We tailor our services to the needs of the fund holder to ensure that their charitable giving is done in the way that suits their needs and values. James and Eve Johnson created their Fund in April 2015.

The Johnson Fund’s focus is to develop the self-esteem and confidence of young people, particularly through advancing a participation in music and the performing arts. They are also keen to offer support to carers of sufferers from dementia as well as those whose lives have taken a major unforeseen turn for the worse.

The Fund has supported Keswick Film Club to screen ‘dementia-friendly’ films and provided funding to Keldwyth Cumbrian Young Musicians Award towards their concert costs.

James said: “Recent research into my family’s history revealed a strong philanthropic involvement which Eve and I now wish to continue. We were particularly attracted to Cumbria Community Foundation, as a means of supporting local need in an efficient, well managed and focused way. We appreciate the benefits of them looking after all the paper work including investment management and project sourcing and monitoring, and welcome the donor advisory facility which encourages a continuing partnership of interest between CCF and donors, and which can hopefully continue through our family after our day.”