Helping the world on our doorstep

8th November 2022

The Welcome Fund has been generously supported by many incredible fundraisers and donors – who have walked, sung, baked and even shared their special anniversary to support others.

Thanks to them, the fund has supported more than 100 refugees arriving in Cumbria since the beginning of the year – with the youngest beneficiary being just 3 months old.

Tanya with daughter Katerina

Funding has supported the needs of people when they first arrive. Following difficult, lengthy and costly journeys to reach safety and sanctuary, many people arrive with little more than a small bag of clothing and personal possessions. Funding for short term food needs, robust shoes for a school age child, a smart outfit to attend interviews, support with the costs of a commute to work (before the first wage packet is received): these are just a few examples of the support the fund has given.

Tanya Mulholland, of Newton Reigny, near Penrith, welcomed her relatives to the region following their escape from Kyiv and a subsequent lengthy journey across Europe. They have been able to make good use of £1,000 from the fund.

“We are so grateful to everyone who has donated to the Welcome Fund,” she said, adding: “It has been a major help with just basic things, but also has helped my nephew study online so that he can take part in an emergency programme to complete his exams and finish his studies.”

Many of the groups, hosts and refugees are working hard to support each other to overcome barriers providing moral and emotional support in the face of an uncertain future.

The Welcome Fund continues to be an important part of that countywide effort to make a difference to people who have faced extra-ordinary difficulties.