Cumbria Club

The aim of the Cumbria Club is to connect Cumbrians who live ‘out-of-county’ and friends of Cumbria with opportunities to engage with the life of our county and support the work of the Community Foundation.   It is based on the successful ‘Cornwall Club’, run by Cornwall Community Foundation. Events will be held that combine presentations about the people and issues in the county with an opportunity to network and make new connections

The county of Cumbria is a national treasure.  It is home to some of the finest landscapes in the country, and rich in community life, culture and history. It also faces many challenges, now exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic.  Our Community Foundation has responded to the pandemic, providing a focus for giving and has distributed over £1.2M in grants to over 156 groups. Cumbria Community Foundation produced ‘Cumbria Revealed‘ to highlight these challenges and to guide philanthropy in the coming years.

Wherever you look, the people of Cumbria are helping the people of Cumbria, and friends of Cumbria, far and wide, are sending in welcome and moving contributions. It’s heart-warming, it’s effective, and in my view it’s the only way to keep our unique society together.”  The Right Honourable Lord Bragg of Wigton

Cumbria Community Foundation Chief Executive, Andy Beeforth OBE said: “The Cumbria Club is an introduction to ways ‘out of county’ Cumbrians and friends of Cumbria can positively influence the lives of people in need in the county. The Community Foundation has an award-winning track record of philanthropic giving, working with families and businesses to support the communities and issues that are close to their interests.”

The Cumbria Club was launched in July 2020 with a presentation and discussion about how Cumbria is responding to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Assistant Chief Constable, Andy Slattery, Chair of the Cumbria Local Resilience Forum, which has been coordinating the county-wide response, spoke alongside representatives from two front line groups. In addition, there was a short presentation describing the Community Foundation’s response to the pandemic.

Cumbria Community Foundation has become the county’s largest independent funder and in 2020/21 we will make grants of circa £3m.

Membership of the Cumbria Club is a minimum annual donation of £50 for individuals and £75 per year for couples or families living at the same address. To become a member please complete application form.

If you would like to find out more or are interested in becoming a member of the Cumbria Club, contact us on 01900 825760 or

Launch of The Cumbria Club: