Cumbria Club

The Cumbria Club is an inclusive and informal association of people who have a passion for Cumbria and the Lake District. Membership is open to individuals and families who live outside Cumbria and those who live in Cumbria and want to welcome others into our community.

Membership of the Cumbria Club presents an opportunity to engage with others with an interest in the many dimensions of Cumbria, including our landscape, communities, culture, environment, economy and history. The Cumbria Club supports the Cumbria Community Foundation, a charitable foundation that uses its endowed funds and direct donations to provide grants that address disadvantage across Cumbria.

The Club’s programme of events for members includes:

• Free presentations and discussions on the issues, places and people that give Cumbria its rich diversity as well as its challenges
• Guest Lectures and discussions from ‘celebrities’ with a strong connection to Cumbria
• Social events in both Cumbria and elsewhere where there are concentrations of Club Members, including London
• An invitation to attend the Cumbria Community Foundation annual dinner.

These events will be a blend of both virtual and, when circumstances allow, face2face.

In short, the Cumbria Club offers you the opportunity to engage more closely with Cumbria and Cumbrians.

There is a modest minimum annual membership fee for the Cumbria Club, that goes straight to the benefit of the Cumbria Community Foundation. To become a member, sign up here: Cumbria Club Membership.

All Members are encouraged to spread the word about the Cumbria Club, and the support it provides to the Foundation, amongst their friends and colleagues who share their interest in the many dimensions of Cumbria.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Cumbria Club and sharing our passion for everything Cumbrian.

If you would like to find out more or are interested in becoming a member of the Cumbria Club, contact us on 01900 825760 or