Winscales Moor Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund

A fund for not for profit or charitable activities for local communities located close to the Winscales Wind Farm
Funded by Winscales Moor Windfarm Ltd, c/o Entap

Who can apply?
• A voluntary or community group or a local partnership which benefit the parishes of: Winscales, Great Clifton and Little Clifton

What can be funded?
Charitable, community activities that are:
• environmental or
• educational or
• sporting or
• amenity or
• community related
Preference will be given to projects that promote and/or implement the sustainable use of energy and resources.

Examples of activities the Fund would like to support:
• capital items with a tangible, lasting benefit, including improvements to community buildings
• running costs (e.g. room hire) and revenue funding where salaries are limited to a maximum of four hours per week (e.g. caretaker costs, sessional worker costs)
• biodiversity and habitat conservation
• energy conservation and increased use of renewables
• other projects that are community based and / or community-led
• free information events about domestic solar or wind power
• hedge restoration and wildflower planting schemes

The Fund will not support:
• enhancement of habitat for sporting purposes
• zoos captive breeding and animal rescue centres
• site improvements
• beautification competitions, e.g. villages in bloom
• computers
• individuals
• photocopiers

How much can you apply for?
• there is no minimum and maximum grant

To ensure that the fund meets community needs Cumbria Community Foundation will meet twice yearly with representatives from the Parish. All projects must receive the support from this advisory panel.

If you would like to know more about this fund please contact:
Gary Higgs on 01900 825760 or email