Cumbria Victims Charitable Trust Fund

Grants for victims of crime who reside in Cumbria to promote the safety of the victim, to relieve urgent need or distress, and to provide essential basic requirements, relating to washing, cooking, sleeping, and clothing.

Cumbria Victims Charitable Trust

Who can apply?
• any victim of crime who resides in Cumbria and has been affected by crime or anti-social behaviour
• victims who are in need, distress, hardship, or sickness as a result of crime; and who are vulnerable; and who need help to cope, recover or to avoid re-victimisation, or to replace essential items; and who have limited resources and no other funding is available to them
• victims must be supported by an independent case worker or professional involved with the case

What the Fund will support:
• initiatives to assist victims to cope and recover from their experience
• initiatives to prevent victims being targeted and/or repeat victims of crime

What the Fund will not normally support:
• furniture, carpets, and household items, other than basic essentials relating to washing, cooking and sleeping
• damage to motor vehicles
• uninsured loss

What the Fund will not support in addition to our normal exclusions:
• debt, whether incurred by the victim or someone else
• counselling/therapy
• education/training
• overseas travel or expeditions

How much can you apply for?
Grants will normally be no more than £500; however, CVCT reserves the right to make any award amount it sees fit.

For more information, contact Sarah Thompson on 01900 825760 or email