Further information about creating a Fund

Supporting Donors
We support our fund holders in their giving and are available to answer questions as philanthropic advisers.  We work with donors to help them explore and learn about issues in the community and what they might consider when creating their fund.  If required we will commission research into specific issues and convene groups of donors with similar interests.

Types of Fund 
We operate two different types of fund: long term capital funds and flow through funds.

Long Term Capital Funds
Long term capital funds are invested and the income which they generate is used to make grants.  These funds are extremely valuable in that they generate income for grant making in perpetuity.  For more information about long term capital funds click here.

Flow through funds 
Flow through funds are normally spent within the year they are donated.  Donors creating flow through funds normally want to see maximum impact in the short term.  As with all our funds donors can decide the purpose and geographical area of interest.  If donors wish they can decide which groups and projects are supported by their fund.

Trust Transfers
Funds can be created through the transfer of trusteeship of existing grant making trusts to the Foundation or by transferring assets to create a fund.

Management Fees
Grant making fees for long term capital funds are normally 1% of the value of the fund annually. An additional investment management charge of up to .75% is made.

Grant making fees for flow through funds is normally in the region of 10%.

Additional non standard services or specific work required to commission and create new grant making funds and infrastructure may attract an additional fee.

“I enjoy my role as a grant maker and get real satisfaction from the variety of projects I have been able to support over the years”.
Robin Burgess, OBE – Cumbrian Newspaper (CN) Group Fund

If you would like to know more, please call Andy Beeforth on 01900 825760 or email andy@cumbriafoundation.org