CCF responds to Chancellor’s cost-of-living announcement

26th May 2022

Every household in the UK is to get an energy bill discount of £400 this October with the poorest also getting a payment of £650 to help with the cost of living.

The announcement by Chancellor Rishi Sunak has been welcomed by Andy Beeforth, Chief Executive of Cumbria Community Foundation.

He said: “The Chancellor’s Statement today is to be welcomed and will make a difference to our poorest families, many having already been severely affected by the increase in the fuel cap and inflation.

“A combination of the one-off payment plus Universal Credit payments will total at least £1,200 and will provide a very welcome boost, although sadly we know the likely increase in the fuel cap in October will increase average household bills to nearly £3,000.

“This is without factoring in the impact of inflation on other household bills.

“So very sadly, this winter we will still see an increase in poverty, among families on low incomes, the vulnerable elderly and disabled people.

“The Government’s provision of universal payments of £400 recognises the impact on all households.

“What we do know is that there are some people whose circumstances mean they can afford the increased cost of living without affecting their quality of life.

“Therefore we will be asking those who can afford to help to donate to the Foundation’s Winter Warmth Fund which places money directly in the hands of our most vulnerable older people.”

The Winter Warmth Fund was launched in 2010 to help older people in danger of becoming ill or even dying because of the cold.

Donations are shared with vulnerable people who struggle to heat their homes, so they can stay warm and healthy during winter.

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