Bicycle Bats, tender noses and Raleigh Grifters

28th June 2013

News just in – there is no news. I haven’t touched my bike, looked at my bike thought about my bike or been within 20 feet of my bike. Sorry I tell a lie – the fuse blew on the bathroom lights and I banged my head on the front wheel as I stumbled in my towel past the bicycle that hangs like a mocking bat from my garage ceiling (see previous blog).

I know at some point I’ll get into trouble for not blogging about actual cycling in a cycling blog but I’m going to have to risk it – I’ve got away with it for three years now. I’m very comfortable with being in trouble as I’m married to a teacher.

At this point I usually enter my pleas of mitigation as to why I’ve done nothing – busy at work, fell off the bike, memory loss, community service obligations etc. This week I’m going to be truthful – I couldn’t be bothered. I’ve been at the Whitehaven Festival all weekend volunteering and I got back with feet that were throbbing like a cobblers thumb and a sunburned nose. Now I bet Sir Bradley Wiggins doesn’t miss training due to a tender pink nose but I’m nothing if not a trail-blazer in the world of excuses.

In this series of blogs I’m going to post a photograph of me in different locations in West Cumbria as I up my training intensity every week until the Rivers Ride. If I haven’t trained due to sunburn, mouth ulcers or midge bites, I’ll post a tenuous cycling photo. This week – me and Louis Walsh who once owned a Raleigh Grifter. Until next time, yours in (thinking about) cycling.