Here we go again!

25th April 2013

So this time last year Derwent decided to enter a team into the Jennings Rivers Ride… and now we’re doing it again! We must be mad… saying that, we did thoroughly enjoy it.

I hadn’t realised but I’d not updated with how last year’s ride went! Well, we all completed it and we even had a little video made of our journey.

Awards for fundraising

It was wet, windy and tiring but we had lots of fun doing it. In total we raised over £2,000 and I was really pleased to be given a little award for raising the most as an individual rider.

Most of the team will be doing the 40 miler and I’ve heard mutterings from some who might do the 80 miler! I myself will see how training goes… It’s harder than you think!

Getting soaked at Grange

The worst bit was the weather – next time I’m going to wear those funny waterproof shoes – I don’t care how daft I look!

So, training has started and we’re all raring to go – are you up for the challenge?

Love, Rebecca x