Kyle Bickley Junior Speedway and Grasstrack Rider #18

20th February 2012

Hello, my name is Kyle Bickley and I would like to thank all the really nice people at Cumbria Community Foundation for their help and support for my 2012 race season for awarding me £900 from Cumberland Educational Foundation to purchase grasstrack motorcycling equipment. 

I am the 2012 Workington Comets official speedway mascot and will be in all their team pictures and on parade with the riders. I also get loads of skids around the track before and after each meeting. I am also doing the same at Redcar Middlesbrough Speedway. I go there every Thursday, finishing school at 3pm for my dad to pick me up from school. This year is a really good year for me in grasstrack and speedway, I will be competing in the 2012 British Youth Speedway Championships – there will be one round at workington on 17th June 2012 and there are six other rounds as far away as the Isle of White  and Plymouth but most of all I cannot wait to ride in France, Germany and Holland to represent Cumbria and my school in Europe. I will be racing in the dutch UEM longtrack championships with other kids that are 16yrs old –  I am only still 9yrs old so will be busy racing all the time at weekends and my dad and grandad will be busy fixing my bikes so until next time remember……………