Cumbrian causes receive funding boost

14th September 2018

Charitable causes across the county have received a financial boost of more than £180,000 in support of their projects.

Cumbria Community Foundation’s recent grants panel approved 28 applications from community groups, supporting a wide range of activities including counselling for people with mental health issues, tackling bullying and training for young volunteers. It also awarded financial assistance to 17 individuals to help with further education and sporting excellence.

SAFA Cumbria offers help and support to individuals and their families affected by the impact self-harm can have on their lives. It received £15,000 from the Moorhouse Grassroots Fund, the Cumbria Young People’s Fund, Barrow Community Trust and the Fryer Grassroots Fund to continue providing counselling to people as young as 11 from across the county who are dealing with issues that may cause them to self-harm.

Last year the charity provided around 2,000 counselling sessions to more than 200 people.

Cindy Daltioni, Director of SAFA, said: “As a charity, SAFA relies totally on grants and donations, without which we could not operate.  This welcome grant from Cumbria Community Foundation will allow us to continue to provide the important support for some of the most vulnerable people in our area.”

NHS 70th Birthday cakes, Trinity School

‘Give a Day to the City’ encourages people, organisations and business around Carlisle to get together and deliver volunteer-led projects in their community. Organised by Carlisle Vineyard Church, it received £5,000 from the #iwill Fund to engage with 10 schools to encourage pupils to volunteer and consider how they could help their communities for the event in 2019.

‘Give a Day to the City’ started with 12 projects and 500 participants in 2015, growing to 35 projects and more than a thousand participants in 2017. It has delivered projects including beach cleans, tea on the green and renovating 3 uninsured flood-affected properties.

Coffee morning, Trinity School

Miriam Lowe, Give a Day Coordinator, said: “This year, more than 600 children and young people volunteered in projects across Carlisle in ways that were new to most of them. Next year, thanks to the grant, we expect over 1,000 youngsters to get involved.

“Give a Day empowers young people to engage in their communities. We’ve seen real transformation in the mindset of many of the young volunteers; it helps develop confidence, skills and character while benefitting the whole community.”

South Lakeland Mind supports over 400 people suffering with mental health issues each year. With a current waiting list of more than 20 people for one to one peer support it received £7,280 towards the salary of a part time Peer Support Officer to manage and develop this service.  The Officer will spend time recruiting volunteers and matching them to clients to respond to the increase in demand for the service.

David Beuzeval, Chief Officer at South Lakeland Mind, said: “The generous support we have received from the Foundation will enable us to continue to develop our services, meeting increased demand and enable more people to improve their wellbeing.”

Ellen Clements, Grants & Donor Services Officer at Cumbria Community Foundation said: “There are many worthy organisations around the county that continue to provide help to the local communities. We are ever grateful to the generosity of our fundholders to enable us to support these vital services.”