The Beverley Trust

Over the past decade, community foundations across the UK have provided a safe haven for more than 3,400 trust funds with asset transfers totalling £60 million.

Historically, many of these trusts became moribund and ineffective when their objects became increasingly difficult to fulfil. More recently, a growing number of trustees of active trusts have realised, from a succession planning and continuity perspective, help was needed to plan for the future.

By engaging with their local community foundation, assistance is provided to trustees wishing to consider transferring responsibility of their charitable trust and make assets fit for future charitable use, or to continue to deliver effective grant making without the necessary administration burden.

The Beverley Trust was set up in 1969 by a West Cumbrian who gave generously throughout her life, including supporting local school children. When she passed away, two members of her family became trustees. The Trust has partnered with the Foundation over past years, including providing match funding for youth grants via the #iwill programme.

The Trust, was transferred to the Foundation and the former trustees continue to be involved in grant making decisions. They have both also attended project visits to see first-hand how funding makes a real difference to the lives of local people.

The former Trustees said: “We are both extremely pleased that we made the decision to bring the Trust into the CCF family and would like to thank all the team for making us so welcome. We were greatly impressed by the wonderful work we saw in action.

“We look forward to continuing our involvement in the certain knowledge that the Trust is now much better placed to achieve the best possible outcomes for young people in West Cumbria.”

Grants are available to individuals and community groups directly benefiting young people to raise educational attainment and improve career aspirations by enabling access to study or vocational training.

17-year-old Jamie from Wigton is studying for a three-year Professional Diploma in Dance at the English National Ballet School in London. Currently in his second year of the course, and studying for his A Levels, the Beverley Trust awarded Jamie £2,000 a year for three years towards accommodation and living expenses.