Media Kit

Your funded activity is important and worthy of media attention. Publicity and media coverage will contribute to the success of the funded activity, your organisation and Cumbria Community Foundation. We know how incredibly busy you are as you carry out vital work in the community, and to help you communicate the impact of your work, we have provided a media kit.

We are interested in capturing grant stories. Telling your story helps to tell our story. Compelling storytelling helps communicate to our fundholders and supporters the importance of funding charitable activity like yours. We often feature stories in our marketing materials, including our website, newsletters, annual report and social media.

The following information is intended for the use of grant recipients and will help you get the recognition your funded activity and organisation deserve. Here are some suggested ways to announce your grant award:


We would like you to publicly acknowledge your funding from Cumbria Community Foundation and the fund you received support from. Please acknowledge this support with our name (Cumbria Community Foundation), the fund name (e.g Cumbria Fund) and our logo in publications, media releases and signage for any event or presentation about the activity that received grant funding.

Please always use our full name: Cumbria Community Foundation when referencing the Foundation. Where possible, please include the written acknowledgement below as well as the logo, for example:

This grant was made possible by Cumbria Community Foundation through the Cumbria Fund.


The (name of organisation project/event) was funded (or funded in part) by a grant from Cumbria Community Foundation through the Cumbria Fund.


Here is our logo, please use whichever best fits your publication preserving original colours. Place the logo upright and do not alter it in any way. Acceptable use of our logo includes, but is not limited to: leaflets and posters, newsletters, brochures, videos, websites and social media channels.


Issue a media release announcing the grant award and always try to include pictures of the funded activity or team, along with the Community Foundation logo and the logo of your organisation.

We are happy to provide a quote for your press release. Please email us to request a quote from either or

If possible, consider hosting events to mark major milestones. Include donors, elected officials and community leaders in photo opportunities. Invite media to cover the event and distribute a pre- and post-event press release with the newsworthy highlights, as appropriate.


Feature the grant in newsletters, social media, and on your website. Include a compelling photo of the funded activity or the community you are supporting and include the Community Foundation’s logo.


Please notify your board about your recent grant from Cumbria Community Foundation.


Please like the Cumbria Community Foundation social media pages and mention us in posts about the funded activity by  tagging us, this will then notify us and we can share your posts when possible.

Facebook (

Instagram (

Twitter (

Share our pre-composed Tweet by clicking on the link, you will need to already have a Twitter account.

LinkedIn (



Please use “Cumbria Community Foundation” when referring to the Foundation. Please use the following paragraph in describing the Community Foundation:

Cumbria Community Foundation is an award-winning charity dedicated to improving community life and tackling the most important challenges our county faces. It manages more than 100 grant making funds on behalf of individuals, families and organisations and supports more than 500 community projects each year. Since 1999, it has invested more than £60 million into 4,000 groups and 8,000 individuals, which has improved the quality of life for thousands of residents across the region. For further information visit: or call 01900 825760


We would like to hear how a grant from the Foundation has helped your organisation. If you would like to share your story of impact from a grant, please send a narrative to

We highlight grant recipients through the media, in our publications, at events and on our website and social media.


We are especially keen to receive videos, ideally no more than one minute in length, which highlights the work you do and shows how our funding has contributed towards it. Here are some practical tips to get the best out of your recording:

  • Ask someone else to film you/your team in action. This means you can focus on showing (and telling) us about the inspiring work that you do. Please feel free to include other people in the shot, such as volunteers – the more the merrier.
  • Film horizontally. Hold the phone/camera securely (watch out for stray fingers).
  • Get in as close as you can if someone is talking. But please remember to follow social distancing guidance and stay safe!
  • Be yourself. In your own words tell the person you’re filming with, or behind the camera how vital your services are at the moment.

Please send any footage to via WeTransfer.


Take advantage of opportunities to capture and share appealing images. We’d love to see some pictures of you, your volunteers and/or staff in action. Ideally, we’d like to receive:

  • A selection of good quality images taken on a recent camera phone in a well-lit location which reflects your organisation – perhaps with a sign in the background for one of the shots (ideally 1MB and above in size)
  • Photographs showing a ‘typical day’s work’ – a natural interaction rather than a posed shot. This could be packing food parcels or perhaps talking on the phone to someone. We are keen to see what everyone is doing. Feel free to look away or directly at the camera.
  • Everyone’s consent to being in the image (and/or video). Selfies are welcome!
  • A written description of the photograph, or a short caption.

With advance notice, we can often arrange to attend events or visit funded organisations.


Credit: Jenny Woolgar






For a simple guide to sharing your story please see our guide here.