New lease of life for three Barrow men in need

4th May 2017

Three Barrow men, who previously found themselves homeless, have finally found a place to call home.

NEW HOME A house has been done up with the help of the Homeless shelter for three homeless men for it to be their first home. Pictured: (l-r) residents Marc Griffiths, John Atkinson and Andy Clark in the kitchen at the house. (Photo courtesy of Leanne Bolger)

Furness Homeless Support Group received £2,000 from Cumbria Fund to renovate a three bedroom house in Hindpool to provide supported accommodation.

The three men will stay in the property until they are ready to find their own tenancy and move on to independent living. The house is located near the charity’s main base on Bath Street and the men will work with a dedicated support team to address their needs.

Support provided covers budgeting, debt reduction, living skills, accessing health care, cooking and planning healthy meals on a budget, and liaising with specialised agencies regarding alcohol and drug misuse and mental health services.

The men will also be encouraged to partake in training or volunteering during their stay, which could involve activities such as helping out in the day centre kitchen or charity shop.

Over the last two years, Furness Homeless Support Group has housed and supported 41 vulnerable individuals in housing need. The charity now has 15 units of supported accommodation.

Patricia Chapples, Manager, said: “The grant has made a world of difference to the three residents. They are so happy and settled in their new home and even call themselves a family.

“Two of the individuals had never had their own tenancy before and the other had been evicted from his previous tenancy. All three residents are debt free and through working with us, are budgeting well. They are constantly developing skills and confidence and learning to live more independently with ongoing support.

“We are really grateful to have received the funding for our project. It really has made a difference to three people’s lives, and many more to come in the future.”