Financial support available to flood-affected communities

23rd November 2017

Cumbria Community Foundation is encouraging people to apply for financial assistance after flooding hit homes again across the county.

The Cumbria Disaster Fund was set up with an initial donation of £50,000 from the charity’s own funds to ensure immediate funding is available to anyone who needs help following a disaster.

The fund will initially provide support for immediate needs such as alternative accommodation costs, cleaning up, emergency repairs, clothing, food and drink, drying out and basic furniture. Priority will be given to uninsured, low income households.

Andy Beeforth, Chief Executive of Cumbria Community Foundation, said: “Sadly, our county has seen multiple major flooding incidents in the last ten years. It is devastating to see the damage done yet again to our community over the last few days.

“We don’t yet know the full scale of the need, but we know that the flooding will cause significant financial hardship and emotional distress. The disaster isn’t over when the floodwaters recede, for many this will just be the start of a really tough time.

“The trustees committed £50,000 to a response and recovery fund for the region. At this stage, grants will be awarded to provide clean-up materials, household items and furniture to ensure that everyone has the basics needed to get their lives back up and running but that will be just the start, there is going to be a lot of ongoing need.”

The Foundation is aware that the fund can only provide a limited level of support to uninsured households. If anyone would like to donate to the Cumbria Disaster Fund, visit: or call 01900 825760 during office hours.

To apply for the fund visit the Cumbria Disaster Fund page or speak to the grants team on 01900 825760.

The Foundation has previously raised almost £14 million following widespread flooding in 2005, 2009 and 2015, all of which has gone back into rebuilding the county.