Funding available to support victims of crime

9th May 2017

Financial support is available to victims of crime across Cumbria.

The Cumbria Victims Charitable Trust was established in 2015 to support the needs of victims of crime and anti-social behaviour, and assist in expanding existing services.

The Trust, which is administered by Cumbria Community Foundation, currently has £20,000 available and will offer grants to individuals in the region of £500. Applications must be supported by a referee who will verify the request.

Annette Hennessy, Chair of Cumbria Victims Charitable Trust, said: “Our intention is to reduce distress caused by being a victim of crime, and by working with Cumbria Community Foundation, we want to be able to reach and support as many people in this position as possible”.

Nigel Pattison, Grants & Donor Services Officer at the Foundation, said: “No one should feel alone or unsupported after being the victim of crime. This funding can be used to access emotional support or practical help to anyone who needs it, in a way that suits them best.”

For more information or to apply for funding, click here, email or call 01900 825760.