Winter Warmth Supporters

Sean Saunders, Managing Director, Bendalls Engineering: “We’re proud to support the Winter Warmth Appeal this year as part of our commitment to the local community, helping those in need to stay warm and cosy during the colder months. A simple yet meaningful positive impact in the local area.”

Ian Hall, Director, Hermia Community Energy CIC: “Hermia is again proud to support Cumbria Community Foundation’s fantastic work to address fuel poverty across Cumbria. These have been difficult years for energy consumers, and CCF continues to play a crucial role in bringing extra support to the most vulnerable. Our donation is generated from the operation of wind farms in central Scotland, and ultimately from the clean energy choices made by thousands of households across the region.”

David Henderson, Nuclear Business Manager, Shepley Engineers: “The Winter Warmth Appeal provides important and potentially lifesaving support every year, and is arguably even more important this year due to increased fuel costs and the general cost of living crisis we are all experiencing. This will drag more people, especially the elderly, into having to decide whether to “heat or eat” over the next few months, which can prove to be deadly should we have a cold winter. Anything that can be done to support the vulnerable in our local communities should be applauded and we are happy to once again support this vital appeal.

“Please let your friends and family know that help is available through the CCF, and ask them to pass the message on to anyone who they think might need a little extra support this winter.”

Lorna Graham, Deputy General Manager: “Ecological Building Systems are proud to again support Cumbria Community Foundation’s Winter Warmth Appeal. As a supplier of sustainable building products backed-up with full technical support for low energy retrofit and new build projects, we’re passionate about supporting the local community to stay safe and warm, especially this winter.”

Glen Franklin, Village Director, Whinfell Forest, Center Parcs: “I think that the work that the Cumbria Foundation are doing in delivering the Winter Warmth appeal is fantastic, particularly during a time where higher energy costs and high inflation are having a significant impact on the elderly.”

Ed Surman, Site Director, James Walker: “As a major employer based in Cumbria for over 50 years, we aim to support local charities that are community focused. Given the rising cost of energy, we view the Winter Warmth Appeal as a charity that is aligned to our company values, it provides help to the vulnerable and saves lives.”

David from Cockermouth said: “We intend to donate our £400 grant towards energy costs in two instalments. Now and at the beginning of December. This will be on top of donating our winter fuel allowances, which we have done so for many years.”

Supporter: “I appreciate that more than ever this fund does invaluable work – and I know from my past experience and seeing Cumbria Community Foundation in action when I worked for Age UK that you really do deliver”

Supporter: “Thank you very much for making this funding available where it’s needed. CCF is just what we all need to make individual donations have visible meaning and not go into some international pot that has no clear happening-point. More power to your elbows, all you at CCF.”