Hundreds of older people in Cumbria are in danger of becoming or ill or even dying because of the cold. For the past five years we have run the Winter Warmth Appeal that has literally saved lives.

An average of 300 deaths occur in Cumbria each year due to the effects of cold weather. You give money to the Fund and we give it to older people who are in danger because they can’t afford to heat their homes. People who choose between eating or heating.

There are different ways to donate to help older people in Cumbria. Please take the time to watch our Winter Warmth Video here.

“The Winter Warmth Fund money meant I could keep one room warm”  Joyce, 81, Carlisle

We also share simple information on ways that people can help keep warm. If you know people who are vulnerable to the cold this winter, please let them know how they can access support.

“It made a definite difference, everyone is looking for money for their bills, being ill you need the heat more, where you can you turn the heat off when you got to bed. My ill health means I can’t” Frank, 84, Barrow

We are encouraging people to consider volunteering and to set up schemes that support people in practical ways. This link takes you to some excellent guides produced by ACT. If you know someone who may need support from the fund, please click here.