What CCF Won’t Fund

Cumbria Community Foundation will not award grants for:

•          Animal welfare

•          Contact Boxing (unless you are applying to Comic Relief)

•          Businesses and personal profit

•          Deficit funding

•          General large appeals

•          Medical research and equipment, except where donor advised

•          Activities which are normally the responsibility of central or local government

•          Sponsored events

•          Many of our funds will not fund Statutory bodies

•          Awards from the same in a 12 month period

•          Projects which duplicate and existing service in a area

•          Fundraisers and fundraising events

•          Advancement of religion including buildings solely for religious purposes

•          Party political activities

•          Retrospective funding unless through a disaster appeal

•          Purchase of vehicle unless fundholder directed

•          Groups with less than 3 unrelated committee members or directors

•          Groups or individuals who have not returned their monitoring form

•          Beautification projects

•          National organisations who do not have a local committee or office within Cumbria

•          CICs who cannot show they are working towards financial stability

•          Education establishments unless via PTA or Friends of Schools


Essential Maintenance

The site is down for essential maintenance. We expect the site to be back online on Friday 28th January 2022