The herdyfund

The herdyfund was created in 2007, contributing a percentage of the company profits to supporting upland fell farming, Cumbria’s rural communities and of course the lovable Herdwick sheep. In 2018, the herdyfund proudly became a charitable fund within the Foundation.

Diane Hannah, co-founder and Director of the Herdy Company said: “As well as giving financial support, the herdyfund brings people together to create innovative and ambitious solutions to the problems facing farmers and rural communities.”

In 2020 Herdy designed a special edition tea towel to celebrate the wonderful people who have helped keep us safe during the Covid-19 crisis which raised more than £25,000 for Cumbrian Charities including £7,500 for Cumbria Community Foundation.

In 2021 a new ‘Community Maker Space’ will be developed in Sedbergh, thanks to £3,000 from the herdyfund. Settlebeck Parents, Teachers and Friends Association will use the funds to upgrade the design and technology facilities at Settlebeck School so that it can begin a programme of evening classes open to pupils, parents and members of the community who wish to learn more about computer aided design and manufacturing.

Steph Williams for Settlebeck Parents, Teachers and Friends Association, said: “As a very small rural secondary school we pride ourselves in providing pupils with a bespoke educational experience, which is often difficult to find in larger schools, ensuring that every child has the chance to thrive. Alongside this, we continue to seek opportunities to develop our high-quality facilities. We have a close relationship with the Sedbergh community and surrounding area and have been looking for ways to further strengthen those links.”

Diane Hannah, Co-founder Director, Herdy said: “When we heard about the Settlebeck project we instantly wanted to provide the outstanding funds to make it happen. Herdy is a design led business, so this project is very close to our heart. Not only are we happy to contribute financially but there are loads of opportunities for us to work with the pupils too once the facility is up and running. We’d love to share our knowledge and experience with the pupils and work on some live Herdy projects with them.”