Nuvia Fund

Nuvia Ltd is an international nuclear specialist covering both civilian and defence sectors but it is also a local company, employing local people and supporting local communities across the county. Employees also work within the community, supporting local schools, groups and charities in improving knowledge and enhancing skills.

The Nuvia Fund was established in 2006. The £25,000 Fund is a long term investment which includes an annual working fund targeted at youth and environmental issues to promote a sustainable improvement in and around the areas local to the Nuvia offices in Cumbria.

The Phoenix Youth Project is a well-established youth club, meeting the needs of young people aged 8-19 years old across Copeland.  The grant from the Nuvia Fund was to provide youth work through centres in Cleator Moor, Frizington, and Moor Row, running twelve evening sessions each week.

The sessions focus on personal and social development, supporting and challenging young people appropriately when needed. The Project aims to develop sustainable youth provision whilst also engaging young people, parents and the community as a whole to become more actively involved in future developments.

Jennie Pearson, Corporate Communications Manager, said: “Youth and environment issues are key areas for Nuvia.  It is important that our money goes to causes which help to ensure long term sustainability for the region – something the Foundation has excellent insight into. They know the area and its people and can highlight avenues where funding will bring the greatest benefit.

Nuvia is hoping to prove that establishing community ties bring increased benefits to all involved, Jennie continues: “Nuvia’s employees have the opportunity to get to know the projects and we encourage them to use their working skills to offer additional support where feasible. It’s about more than financial donations, it’s about personal development for employees and long term security for the projects we support.”