Endowment Funds

We have three different levels of endowment fund:

Acorn Fund – minimum donation of £25,000
An acorn fund, as the name suggests, grows over time with regular donations (for example a fund can be built in 10 years by donating £100/month plus gift aid). The donor can dictate the name and purpose of the fund. Grants are made in the name of the fund once it reaches maturity.

Named Fund – minimum donation £50,000
A donation of £50,000 will create a named fund. The donor can dictate the name and purpose of the fund and grants are made in the name of the fund immediately.

Donor Advised Fund – minimum donation £100,000
A donor advised fund carries the name and purposes dictated by the donor and also allows them to select which projects and organisations benefit.

Investment Policy
The Investment policy  for endowment funds is set annually by the trustees. Professional investment managers are appointed to manage the investments and their performance is overseen by our trustees.

“We created the Quarry Hill Grassroots Fund to help young people in Cumbria gain confidence and self esteem through sport and by becoming leaders.  The opportunity to create a fund that would help people we care most deeply about appealed to us. We were delighted when close family and friends chose to donate to the fund also.” 
Anonymous Fund Holder

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