Workington Town Rugby League Community Development Foundation

29th October 2013

Workington Town Rugby League Community Development Foundation received a grant of £51,000 over three years. Their goal was to get rugby players to read with school children who needed extra support.

The Northside School head teacher told us “The children were classed as “reluctant readers” – i.e. they are not motivated to read and are not encouraged to read at home. Six children received reading support and ten attended the after-school club.

“It’s turned reluctant readers into well-motivated readers. It’s to do with the role model. It’s good to have a big bloke, a rugby player, it’s like well he wants to read, so it must be cool…It’s nice to have a different leader for the after-school club too, someone who isn’t a teacher…It’s been a success as far as we’re concerned.”

One parent said “My son is keen on sport, it’s all he wants to do, but this has shown him you need an education as well as sport. He’s asking to read at home much more. It’s just a good role model.”