Providing a good enough start in life

1st November 2021

The foundation of a baby’s social and emotional wellbeing begins during pregnancy and continues throughout the first 1001 days of life. Sometimes, a parent’s life experience can create a psychological barrier making it harder to connect emotionally with their baby.

Good Enough Start supports parents to prevent any difficulty affecting their ability to create a secure parent-infant relationship. It works in partnership with Howgill Family Centre, the NHS, and all community-based family service providers, and is available to parents in the Millom area.

Described by one parent as “like holding our hands through some of the hardest times,” support is available during pregnancy, birth and up until the child is two years old.

The project received just under £27,000 from several funds, including the Pappagallino Fund and the Barker Fund, to provide training to practitioners over multiple years.

Good Enough Start Chair, Janice Brockbank, said: “As adults when we experience significant or minor life challenges, this can seriously affect our wellbeing. So as a parent, life’s stressors can adversely affect our ability to connect emotionally with our baby. Our practitioners help parents strengthen their relationship with their baby, even if other aspects of life might feel overwhelming.”

Over three years, the project aims to support up to 300 parents and 90 ‘at risk’ babies will receive specialist intervention.

Quote from a parent:“Thank you for recognising that I was struggling, for getting me the help I needed and supporting all three of us. Thank you for making me talk when I didn’t want to but needed to. I’m so grateful to you for being there and for helping me get back on my feet and become the parent I wanted to be.”