30th January 2014

Awarded a total of £18,858 since 2003.

PAC is an independent charity based in Carlisle. It provides one-to-one counselling and art therapy sessions to young people who display emotional, inter-personal and mental health problems.

These young people and their families’ circumstances are so complex that they often fail to access support. They lack the ability to engage with services offered to help them. As such they do not have the skills, self-esteem or ability to succeed in life and usually experience educational, social and economic disadvantage.

The organisation works on a one-to-one basis with young people tailoring sessions to meet each person’s needs. The sessions help them identify and understand negative patterns of behaviour. With this understanding and with support from PAC, young people can develop positive coping strategies. They also improve their decision making skills. One young person said “I am now able to let someone know how I’m feeling instead of keeping it in” and another said “I have someone to work through what’s going on in my head” and “it allows me time to talk about things with no interruptions or judgements.”