Lakeland club row to safety with oar-some new boat

11th August 2016

Lakeland Rowing Club received a grant of £3,150 from Cumbria Fund, which was used to purchase a new safety boat to aid with coaching at their base on Derwent Water.

The lake can be prone to changes in conditions so the club need to keep a close eye on their rowers, particularly if they are inexperienced. The club has also seen a rise in demand for lessons so their previous practice of loaning and hiring safety boats was no longer sustainable. IMG_2436

The club offers ‘Learn to Row’ courses to individuals aged 14 and above. Those who attend are given the opportunity to learn to row in a safe controlled environment with qualified Rowing coaches.

David Thomas, who is a coach for the Rowing Club, said: “As a small club with limited funds, we would not have been able to consider purchasing a safety boat without the support of funders such as Cumbria Community Foundation.”

“The safety boat is a vital piece of equipment that will enable us to teach the ‘Learn to Row’ course and train our rowers for many years to come.”