Hunsonby Swimming Club

1st April 2015

Hunsonby Swimming Club received just under £15,000 from the Community Health and Wellbeing Fund for Eden and East Allerdale. 

The grant allowed for pool improvements, adding Air Source Heat Pumps to replace the oil powered boiler to heat the outdoor pool; which was both inefficient and expensive to run. The grant also paid for installation of specialist pool liner to eliminate the need to render and then paint the pool annually. 

Part of the refurbishment project was to also renovate the changing room and shower area of the pool. 

Many of the people who use the pool during the summer months live in the Fellside villages of Hunsonby, Winskill, Langwathby, Melmerby, Glassonby, Gamblesby, Culgaith and Ousby. There are very few local services and therefore the swimming pool is a hub of activity for them and there are no alternative facilities, without the need to travel into Penrith. Since the refurbishment the pool has seen a rise if the number of tourists visiting and other Cumbrian’s travelling to use the pool.

Users of the newly refurbished, outdoor pool said: “It’s wonderful, we are from Penrith and travel here as much as possible to swim. The pool and the changing rooms are great and we will be becoming family members next summer!

Any money that is spent here is money well spent to get such a well cared for, clean, beautiful pool.” 

Another said: “It is a great way to meet neighbours and those from surrounding communities. The annual Gala is a great day and brings together all ages. 

I feel healthier now I’ve been swimming more … it’s a wonderful facility for the Fellside villages and we are very fortunate to have it.”

To find out more about the funds available at Cumbria Community Foundation visit our grants page or contact the Grants Officers on 01900 825760 or by email