Flood rescuers purchase new equipment after devastation of Storm Desmond

7th October 2016

Maryport Inshore Rescue is an independent Lifeboat and Rescue Service to the Solway Firth and surrounding areas. The service is run 24 hours a day by a group of dedicated volunteers and works closely with the R.N.L.I., H.M. Coastguard and all other emergency services.

Photo courtesy of the Daily Mail

When Storm Desmond first hit parts of Cumbria in December 2015, Maryport Inshore Rescue’s volunteers were among the first on the scene. They played a key role in rescuing people from their flooded homes in towns and cities across the county.

A lot of the team’s equipment became damaged or contaminated by the flood water during the rescues. They were awarded a grant of £15,000 from the Cumbria Flood Recovery Appeal to replace specialist equipment such as wetsuits, helmets and radios.

Mike Messenger, Director, said: “We cannot thank Cumbria Community Foundation enough for the grant that has allowed us to do our job in helping the people of Cumbria. When the floods hit our communities in December 2015, each and every person that we helped from their flooded homes was so grateful that we were there to help them.”

“If the worst happens again and people find themselves in heavy flood hit areas, we have the equipment to carry out our duties safely, warm and dry. The Flood Rescue Team are also much happier in the knowledge that the equipment they are using offers much more protection against the elements and damage.”