Fibrus Community Fund Cumbria

The Fibrus Community Fund Cumbria was established by Fibrus in 2023. The Fund is aimed at addressing digital poverty and exists to support the work of communities in particular areas of Cumbria, to provide access to digital technology for the most vulnerable.

Fibrus recognise that the most vulnerable in our community can sometimes get left behind when it comes to accessing modern technology, something most of us take for granted. Having the ability to access the internet can open a range of opportunities for individuals and communities especially when it comes to education, employment, and socialising. The Fund will offer technology grants to enable people to stay connected, whether it is young people staying connected to online resources for school, or elderly people ordering groceries and video calling family.

Grants for community groups and organisations in the eligible areas below to provide access to digital technology for the most vulnerable in their community, with a particular focus on older people (aged 60 years and older) and young people (aged 18 years and under).

Projects must benefit people in these postcodes:
CA1, CA10, CA11, CA12, CA13, CA14, CA15, CA16, CA17, CA18, CA19, CA2, CA20, CA21, CA22, CA23, CA24, CA25, CA26, CA27, CA28, CA3, CA4, CA5, CA6, CA7, CA8, CA9, LA9, LA10, LA11, LA12, LA13, LA16, LA17, LA18, LA19, LA20, LA21, LA22, LA23, LA7, LA8, NE49, TD9

Fibrus Networks Limited

Who can apply?
• constituted community organisations based in or benefitting the eligible areas.

Projects should:
• address gaps in digital provision that younger and older people might face in their communities, which may include provision of access to technological devices.
• make a positive difference to the lives of people who are digitally excluded, enabling them to become and stay more connected.
• help those most in need of support to use and access digital technologies.
• explain how your organisation/community group intends to utilise existing resources to support those who have faced digital challenges.
• focus on the needs of beneficiaries in terms of digital poverty and beneficiaries over the longer term.
• Check availability of fibre broadband at in cases where broadband installation/connection is being requested. If your premises is not connectable/yet connectable, please consider applying for other types of digital equipment from the fund such as laptops, visual aids etc’.

Priority will be given to:
• projects with a particular focus on older people (aged 60 years and older) and young people (aged 18 years and under).
• applicants who clearly demonstrate the need for the project and who it will benefit.

Examples of projects supported:
• projects that provide access to a range of digital devices (e.g., laptops, tablets, iPads, smartphones, etc.), such as a community loan facility, etc.
• projects that strengthen the ability of individuals to use a range of available digital services, such as training workshops or courses, which may also include catering and venue hire costs.
• projects that provide access to enhance connections with others such as a community-use internet hub, or internet café, etc.

What the Fund will not support in addition to our normal exclusions:
• individuals

How much can you apply for?
Grants will normally be up to £2,000.

When and how to apply:
• Phase 4 is now open and will close on Friday 17 May 2024

Please click here to complete the application form.

If you would like further information about this fund please contact:
Lisa Blackwell on 01900 825760 or email