Elizabeth Fell Memorial Trust Fund

Grants to support volunteer-led groups and organisations for which a grant of under £5000 is a significant investment that will allow them to address local needs and/or create opportunities that make a real difference, specifically in Kingstown and the surrounding area.

Elizabeth Fell Memorial Trust

Who can apply?
• volunteer-led groups who support their community in the area of benefit

Examples of activities supported:
• community event
• refurbishment of IT room
• youth activities for summer holidays
• upgrade to community facilities

What the Fund will not support in addition to our normal exclusions:
• individuals

How much can you apply for?
Grants will normally be £1,000 or less over one year, however, there is no minimum or maximum award amount.

If you would like to know more about this fund please contact:
Lisa Blackwell, Grants & Programmes Officer, lisa@cumbriafoundation.org or 01900 825760