Better Tomorrows Fund

Set up by David Beeby, High Sheriff of Cumbria 2021-22, the Fund aims to invest approximately £1m over the next three years into quality youth work training and provision, with the ultimate objective of substantially increasing the number of young people having access to support from youth workers. It will encourage people within Cumbria to become accredited in youth work via Cumbria Youth Alliance’s training programme, along with funding youth work salaries through this open-access grant fund.

David Beeby has personally committed a significant amount to the programme and has secured funding from charitable trusts and donors, including Francis C Scott Charitable Trust, the Four Acre Trust, LLWR, and Cumbria Community Foundation, LLWR, CCL Secure, Carr’s Group, CGP Publications, Iggesund, BAE and James Walker.

Who can apply?
• charitable, not-for-profit organisations

Priority will be given to projects that:
• provide access to youth work for additional young people
• create additional opportunities in areas where there is limited or no youth work provision
• seek to increase participation from young people from less affluent social economic groups and young people who might not usually take part in youth work their barriers and build their attainment, ambition and aspirations
• put young people at the centre in terms of voice and decision making
• support young people who are facing complex transitions, challenges, and barriers to accessing support and opportunities

What the Fund will not support in addition to our normal exclusions:
• existing or recent youth work posts
• overhead costs e.g. rent, IT, publicity
• individuals

How much can you apply for?
The maximum award will be no more than £25,000 per year. Multi-year funding may be considered for up to three years.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re an existing youth project, would this fund the salary of an additional youth worker?
The intention of this fund is to prioritise areas where there is currently no youth work being delivered, and give more young people access to quality youth work. An additional youth worker would need to support young people who aren’t currently engaged in any existing youth work services (i.e., in a different area to current provision).

We’re a volunteer led organisation,  would this fund our first youth worker?
Potentially yes, if the youth worker could significantly increase the number of young people they are engaged with.

We have an existing youth worker whose post runs out of funding soon, could we apply to this fund to cover the cost? 
No. This fund aims to increase the number of young people having access to support from new youth work avenues rather than cover existing overheads.

We have a new youth work post, which was previously a volunteer role. Would this be eligible?
Only if the funded post is providing additional youth work opportunities to more young people. It would not be eligible if the volunteer previously delivered 10 hours of support each week and then wanted funding to cover salary costs delivering the same amount of hours.

We want to offer specialised youth work sessions (e.g. mental health support) over a limited period of time (e.g. 8 weeks) in different locations (e.g. school settings) to different groups of young people, would we be eligible?
No. Sessions must take place regularly, such as once a week, and ideally be offered over a minimum of one year to encourage more young people to take part.  The sessions should also be delivered in one location (although more will be considered if you are are delivering sessions at a number of village halls, for example).

If you would like further information about this fund please contact:
Annalee Holliday on 01900 825760 or email