Beck Burn Wind Farm Community Fund

Grants for volunteer-led or community groups within a 5 kilometre radius of Beck Burn Wind Farm.

EDF Energy Renewables

Who can apply for standard grants?
• volunteer-led or community groups within a 5 kilometre radius of Beck Burn Wind Farm
• volunteer-led or community groups within a 10 kilometre radius of Beck Burn Wind Farm as long as they can demonstrate benefit to the 5 kilometre area

Who can apply for Parish/Community Council grants?
• The Parish/Community Councils of Rockcliffe, Westlinton, Arthuret, Kirkandrews-on-Esk, Springfield & Gretna Green, Kirkpatrick Fleming & District, Canonbie & District, and Gretna & Rigg will receive £5,000 each to award small grants up to a maximum of £2,000 per grant for projects within each Parish/Community Council boundary.

What type of projects can be funded?
Charitable, community activities that are:
• environmental
• educational
• sporting
• community-related

Examples of activities the Fund would like to support:
• projects identified as needed by the local communities and encompassing all age groups
• projects which are community-based and/or community-led
• improvements to community facilities
• projects that promote health and well-being
• sports and recreation projects
• culture and heritage projects
• projects that promote environmental sustainability, biodiversity and habitat conservation
• projects involving energy conservation and increased use of renewables

What the Fund will not support in addition to our normal exclusions:
• individuals

How much is available and how is it allocated?
£155,250 is available each year, divided as follows:
• £84,200 for standard grants (awards between £1,000-£20,000; and larger multi-year grants)
• £40,000 for Parish/Community Councils listed below (£5,000 maximum award)
• £31,050 for education and training grants (see separate sheet for Educational Bursaries)

If you would like to know more about this fund, please contact:
Lisa Blackwell on 01900 820828 or email