ENWL Storm Arwen Community Resilience Fund Battery Storage Scheme

ENWL confirm that where a community feels that a Battery Storage Scheme would be an appropriate source of energy support during a major storm or incident it may be considered for support under this fund. The application would need to demonstrate that the proposed battery has been suitably sized for a particular element of community resilience and that it will be able to provide that energy need for an appropriate duration that could be expected during an incident to provide that additional resilience (expected to be 24-36 hours or longer). The application would therefore need to include reference to what specific system (or subsystem) the battery is intended to support (for example communications – mobile phone charging), what capacity is therefore required, how frequently it is expected to utilised and therefore how long the battery is expected to last. For clarity Solar applications would not be suitable for funding under this scheme, however, the fund will consider partial funding applications for combined Solar / Battery systems where the funding requested solely relates to the battery element and the criteria reference above are met.