Cumbria Cultural Fund


The Cumbria Cultural Fund was established in 2005 by the late Mary Burkett OBE to provide funding for activities, which promote excellence in the artistic and intellectual life of the county.

Miss Burkett sought out artists whose talents she believed had been insufficiently celebrated, and, in the 12 biographies she wrote, explored Cumbria’s unsung artistic heritage. She exerted pressure on those in positions of patronage or influence with determination, but motivated always by her passionate, selfless belief in art.

The fund received a £28,000 legacy gift from the sale of her estate. One person to benefit from the fund is Lewis Charlton, who received £1,000.

In 2009, Lewis enrolled at The Royal Ballet School in London, where places are offered to only the most talented students. After five years at the school, Lewis, now 17 is studying drama, media, photography and film at the Arts Educational School in London. The funding has helped with tuition and maintenance fees at both schools. When Lewis returns home, he gives master classes to students at his local theatre and dance school, where he developed his talent for five years.

Setting up a legacy fund is an ideal way of making a lasting difference to your community on the causes your care most. Miss Burkett’s passion for the arts and music will be remembered each year through the Cumbria Cultural Fund.

Legacy funds have no inheritance tax liability, saving your estate up to 40% in tax. It can be established with regular donations throughout your lifetime, or by a gift in your will. The fund is invested and the income generated provides for charitable activity year on year.