Establishing groups and classes to promote social and physical well-being

16th June 2016

After an initial enquiry from a Health and Social Care Coordinator who was assisting a woman in her 70’s. She faced a number of social and health challenged and lived in a rural are. She was a former dancer and musician and wanted to get involved in these kind of activities again.

As an active NCI delivery partner Brampton and Beyond contacted Cumbria CVS, who successfully linked them to the NCI Small Grants Fund established by Cumbria Community Foundation. From this initial enquiry to Brampton and Beyond a taster session of Zumba Gold was arranged. A grant of £500 was awarded to Brampton and Beyond.

The Neighbourhood Care Independence Programme small grants fund enabled the Zumba Gold group to continue, resulting in these five outcomes:

  1. The establishment of a self-sustaining group exercise-class for older people of all abilities.
  2. Improved the mental and physical well-being of the participants
  3. The sessions allowed people to come together and meet new people where they may not have had the opportunity otherwise.
  4. Created the catalyst for other similar groups to be set up in other areas of the county.
  5. An extra Seated Zumba Gold was established to run alongside the Zumba Gold class for those who were less able but wanted to take part.

“When I was younger I enjoyed dancing and the gentler Zumba Gold has meant I could still take part and enjoy it. It is good to get out of the house and meet people.” (Zumba Gold participant from Brampton and Beyond)  

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