Carr’s Milling Industries Fund

There are lots of needs and good causes in Cumbria to inspire charitable passions and interests. But how do you choose which ones to support? The Foundation provides personal support to ensure your giving is effective and help match your charitable interests with local needs.

One of our corporate fund holders, Carr’s Milling Industries, set up an endowed fund through the Foundation.

The Carr’s Milling Industries Fund supports charitable groups throughout Cumbria, particularly in rural communities, to invest in the wellbeing and future of our communities.

Founded in Carlisle by Jonathan Dodgson Carr in 1831, the company’s rich history in Cumbria, is evident through its work with local businesses and farmers and its contribution to the local economy.

Neil Austin, Group Finance Director said: “Carr’s has a long heritage in Cumbria and a large proportion of our total workforce are based here. Our passion for the County and local people have meant we have supported many local causes over a number of years. We have been corporate members of the Foundation for a while, and creating our own fund, managed by the Foundation, was the natural extension to this. By doing this we can benefit from the Foundation’s knowledge in assessing worthy projects so we can be sure that the money is being channeled to the places where it can be most effective and to causes we care about.”

Andy Beeforth, CEO of the Foundation said: “Carr’s Milling’s dedication to Cumbria is illustrated through its commitment to supporting local communities. This support not only takes the form of a charitable fund but also in sponsorship, volunteering and mentoring. Their endowment fund will provide funding for many years in to the future. The Foundation is very proud to have them as corporate fund holders.”