Brian and Ann Clark Fund

The Brian and Ann Clark Fund was created in 2016 and supports projects working with families, including those with a disability or mental health issues, and to assist young people in caring roles, with the aim of promoting greater independence.

Mrs Clark said: “I came to Cumbria Community Foundation  late on in my life and at the most appropriate time as I needed to store my surplus capital where it could benefit others. I had tried to do this for myself but apart from it being very time-consuming I was not always clear that I was making the right choices. The Foundation has taken that all off my shoulders with the added reassurance that their choices take account of my own preferences.”

Right 2 Work, based in Kendal provides learning and employment opportunities to people including those with learning difficulties and mental health conditions to help them into employment. A grant from the Brian and Ann Clark Fund has provided life skills training over a 12-month period. The project involves practical tasks and activities such as cooking, budgeting, personal hygiene, health and safety in the home, and how to use domestic appliances which will all help to develop the behavioural skills that will be of practical benefit in the workplace as well as supporting independent living.

Peter Bradbury, Regional Manager of Right 2 Work, said: “There is a real need for life skills training within the home. This project forms the foundations for an individual to successfully function before and after work, ensuring they are fed and watered and have good standards of hygiene in order to hold down employment, which is something that is often overlooked and taken for granted until it becomes an issue within the workplace.”